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Richard Burman Richard originally started his working life as an electronic technologist. He decided to add a university degree to his college diploma by taking evening courses in Fine Arts. Eventually, he realized he preferred to work in video production and traded his soldering gun for a camera.

But his technical education has not gone to waste. When Richard is not doing video, he is often in his workshop trying to build or fix something. So as a consummate DIYer, this seems like a natural type of project for him to develop. In addition, two of his documentaries were about buildings constructed using green technologies. If you want to know more go to


I give my sincere THANKS to those people and organizations who helped with the research and production of the VIDEOS.

  • the staff and children at Inspirations Montessori and the Montessori School of Pointe Claire
  • the students and staff at West Island Career Centre, especially Giancarlo Crasci along with the creative input of Cesar Brunet and Silvana Tontini
  • Kelly Lambert, neuroscientist with help from the department of Marketing and Communications at Randolph-Macon College
  • Skills Canada who ran the National Skills Competition in Québec City, June 2011
  • Schluter Systems, maker of tile installation products, who provided the construction workers' footage
  • Matthew B. Crawford, author, professor, and motorcycle shop owner
  • Emory University and Dietrich Stout of the Department of Anthropology for primitive toolmaking footage
  • Imperial College London and Dr Aldo Faisal for their research in early toolmaking and human development
  • Peter Irrgang and the Fine Arts and Theatre departments at John Abbott College
  • the members of Hooks N'Needles who are part of The Teapot in Lachine
  • the members of la Guilde de Tisserandes de Lachine and of Jardins Communautaire de Lachine

There are a number of clips in the videos that have been taken off the internet. I will clear all footage for the final production but for this demo I am dependant on people's good will and belief in this project. If there is any problem in this area, please contact me.