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This website is the home base for media projects all about the hand, how it works and what it can do.

In an era where consumption is insatiable and the number of hours we spend in front of a screen is formidable, is the hand losing its relevance? I don't think so and I want to prove that. From Rocks to Radar is a documentary project all about hands and the myriad of ways they play a significant role for human beings. The pitch video below will give you an idea of the topics I want to cover and the stories I want to tell

There are 2.6 million years separating the creation of very primitive of stone tools until today when technology can tap into the power of the human hand. Click the picture below and you will learn more about this project. You can also see some of the short films I have done so far.


I also encourage you to go to the BLOG page and check out the posts. Feel free to add comments. If you do something interesting or unique with your hands I can add you to the LINK page.

My name is Richard Burman. A little of my background and contact information is on the BACK PAGE.

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