This website is the home base for media projects that will explore human hands, how they work and what they can do. The project is at a developmental stage and over the last couple of years a variety of proposals have been developed. If your are a TV broadcaster or website publisher one of the exciting ideas below may be good fit for your audience.

Agents of the Brain For those interested in a science-based story there is Agents of the Brain, a one-hour documentary that will show, over the span of a human lifetime, the powerful connection existing between hand and brain.
Agents of the Brain For a web-based platform there is Maker Moments, a blog-based series of short videos that are mini-profiles of tinkerers, crafters, trades peoples, artists and inventors.
Makers The Makers is a TV series that is very similar to Maker Moments. But in this case a host will be following several makers though the creative process and at times trying their own hand at it. It is not a how-to. It is more of a 'Why are you passionate about what you do?' and 'What drives you?'.

On the Video page there are some other earlier demos that give a broader picture of what I would want to do. I am looking for partners, broadcasters and publishers to bring this project to the next stage. Unsolicited advice is most welcomed. I encourage you to go to the BLOG page and check out the posts. To see what inspires me read; It's an Exciting Time to Tell Maker Stories.

My name is Richard Burman. A little of my background and contact information is on the BACK PAGE.

If you want to follow these projects send me an e-mail or go to the project's Facebook page and click the Like button.
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